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Run to the Right #4
November 2012

Attempt to outrun destruction whilst using your trusty spacebar to leap from precarious grassy ledges and over UFOs. Made over nine days in collaboration with Jamie Bayne and Benjamin Wells for Warwick Game Design's '80x60 window' competition.


Trap the Tiger
August 2012

A mobile HTML5 port of the Flash version. Prevent the tiger from escaping and score points by tapping tiles and trapping the tiger in as few moves as possible.


July 2012

Shift blue blocks simultaneously to unlock and ace 15 levels in this bare bones puzzle game designed for browsers on mobile devices. My first HTML5 game.


April 2012

Use suicidal techniques to materialise and throw blocks and smash the crystal in each level of this simple platformer. Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23, where the theme was 'Tiny World'.


Serial Bus
November 2011

Save waves of helpless suicidal pedestrians or save yourself, from the buses seemingly coming from nowhere. Made in 48 hours for Warwick Game Design's 48-hour 'Cowardice' competition.


November 2011

A score-based fast-paced arcade platformer, where you must impale yourself as often as possible in 60 seconds, bouncing from spike to spike. My first sponsored game, made during a fortnight for Warwick Game Design's 'Bounce' competition.


October 2011

An extremely straightforward accidentally-helicopter-game-esque chase across a digital jungle of blue walls, where Blinky must warily capture Pac-Man. Made during a fortnight for Warwick Game Design's 'Retro' competition.


Don't Touch the Spikes
August 2010

A simple variant of precision platformer with an abundance of spikes. Features twelve difficult levels, monochromatic visuals and surprisingly gentle music. Made in a weekend for Stencyl's fourth game jam.


Ne Touchez Pas!
January 2010

A Flash port of Andrew McCluskey's monochromatic game with the same name. As a twitchy bird, flap nervously through forty levels of incomprehensibly difficult mazes. My first Flash game.


November 2009

Bounce around the arena, collecting as much 'coke' as you can. Missing any or getting punched in the face will progressively depress the drug addict until it's game over. Made for Mini Ludum Dare 14, with graphics enhanced by Andrew McCluskey.


Circum Skull
October 2009

Dodge countless bullets firing from the rotating skull in this quick 'bullet-hell' game that gets very hard very fast. Another one with monochromatic graphics. Made for Gideon Simons' 'Retro Horror' competition.


September 2009

Defend your fragile underwater base by firing explosives at the stream of oncoming submarines and maximising your combos for the best score. Made for the GameCOG 'Explosions' competition.


June 2009

A short arcade game with seizure-inducing yellow/black visuals. Absorb electric orbs by swinging the white ball into them. Made for the Game Jolt 'Shocking' contest, winning 'The Bleeding Eyeball Seizure Award'.


Businessman Bob
March 2009

A small glitchy platformer following the journey of a greedy businessman called Bob. Collect all money in each of the eight levels to see the slightly lame ending. Made in four hours over one week for The Poppenkast's '4 Hours to Glory' contest.


February 2009

A retro-styled platformer with very simple gameplay mechanics. Retrieve the stolen diamond to keep the world in balance, crossing various terrains with differing challenges. Made for Zerosoft Games' 'Retro' competition.


December 2008

Catch falling 'magical' snowflakes with a slippery wagon, whilst avoiding obstacles, by sliding from side to side. This winter-themed arcade game was made for Zerosoft Games' 'Christmas' competition.


October 2008

Guide the rolling protagonist to the flag in each of the eighteen increasingly reflex-challenging levels. Only two colours are used throughout and this platformer was made for the TIA 'Limited Graphics' competition.


August 2008

Switch between the blocks to pass sixteen levels and a tricky albeit uninspiring boss fight against 'The Blockilitator'. My first complete game, made for the YoYo Games 'Co-operation' competition.